Sunday, November 25, 2012


Overheard when: 6:36pm on Sunday, November 25, 2012
Overheard where: In the lobby of the Varsity Theatre — 4329 University Way NE in Seattle, WA [map]
Overheard who: Three slightly-past-middle-aged men discussing Leos Carax's new film HOLY MOTORS after the 4:20
pm screening.
Overheard what: 
Man #1: "This was one of those films where you wish you had the director there to tell you what he was trying to say!"
Man #2: "I think the entire film was a metaphor." 
Man #3: "So when the guy was dressed up like a leprechaun, running through the graveyard eating flowers...what was that a metaphor for?"

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The DiMara Sisters

Artist: The DiMara Sisters
LP: Italian Songs Mama Never Taught Me 
(Le Canzoni Che Mamma Non Mi Ha Mai Insegnato)
Song: "Il Solletico"
[ listen ]

Since my last posting I've started a new job, I went on several lousy dates, I finally watched THE DARK KNIGHT RISES at the cinema, and I've kicked leaves down sidewalks on crisp, sunny days throughout my favorite month of the yearOctober! My doldrums are in storage and I'm riding high with this cheery, giggly (some might even say gay) ditty by the lovely and talented DiMara Sisters on the console. Notes are included below, and you can hear more from these charming sisters at an older posting here.

[ Italian Hairstyles Mama Never Taught Her ]