Sunday, June 2, 2013

George Jones [1931-2013]

Artist: George Jones
LP: The Lone Star Legend
Song: "Vitamins L-O-V-E"
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I wasn't born in Texas, I can't play the guitar, and I've never driven a lawnmower to the nearest liquor store in desperation, but there is one thing George Jones and I do have in common: The Hair. Whenever I've let my hair grow too long without being cut, I complain to anyone who will listen that I'm starting to have "George Jones hair," where it gets really poofy on the sides right next to my face. I made this remark to my friend Alicia at work recently, but she'd never even heard of George Jones. I sent her a picture of the famous country star and his poofy hair, and then about a week later, George died. This 1985 British compilation features some of Mr. Jones' earliest songs, along with a neat cover fashioned in the style of the country LPs of the '50s. You can read all about the wonderfully rambunctious life and career of George Jones on Wikipedia here and find his complete discography here. Go here to read his obituary in the New York Times, and the liner notes from the back of "The Lone Star Legend" are included below.

George Jones
[ September 12, 1931 — April 26, 2013 ]
We will miss you, George, and we will miss your hair.