Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bruce Scott

Artist: Bruce Scott
LP: They're All Raving About Bruce Scott
Song: "Soon It's Gonna' Rain"
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Song: "You Can't Lose Something You Never Had"
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Here's something for the rainy transition into autumn here in Seattle these past few days. Though he evidently failed to live up to the stellar expectations everyone had when his debut LP was released on MGM Records in 1965, Bruce Scott does have a wonderful voice and the record is indeed a treasure. He may not be entirely out of the picture though, since this guy seems to have the same name and face, though some 40 years later. You can get an autographed copy of Bruce's debut LP for $10 here and I've included the notes and review quotes from the back of the LP below. All the stars' raves are legit except one. Can anyone spot the fake?

Bruce Scott on YouTube (thanks, Sue!):

When a new singer comes along who generates wide
acceptance from fans and professionals of all tastes,
it is a major show-business event. When that singer
happens to be only 17 years old, though,
something sensational has happened

Well, Bruce Scott is that something sensational. During
the past year he has thrilled millions of TV viewers with
his renditions of everything from bossa novas
by Jobim to belters from the Beatles

What invariably amazes everyone is the apparent
ease with which Bruce shifts from one style to another.
None of these moods of singing seems put on. Rather,
each flows from him naturally—much as the fashion
by which a young athlete seems just as comfortable
throwing either a baseball or a football

Of course, his background is a tremendous asset. He
has been a boy soprano with some of the best children's
operas in America, a rock-and-roll singer in a Greenwich
Village coffee house for almost a year and, of late, a
friend and student of some of the top jazz musicians to
be found anywhere. Yet, even this background does not
fully account for Bruce Scott's remarkable versatility

He has an innate gift for understanding what a song
is all about—where its essence lies. If the lyric is
meaningful, he tells the story. If rhythm is the key—and
this is the pulse of his generation—he's with it all the way.
And when that unusual commodity, a good melody, is placed
before him, his basic musicality serves him in good stead

Whether he has been in the "In-Group" environs of
"The Merv Griffin Show," the youthful tumult of
"Hullabaloo," or the "show-biz" glitter of "The Al
Hirt Show," Bruce has always performed beyond
expectations. Whether he sang a rock-and-roll hit, an
all-time standard or a show tune, Bruce has invariably
received heavy mail from fans saying they felt his version
of the song was the best they had ever heard. Whether
or not we accept their praise at face value, there can
be no doubt that Bruce Scott's singing has given these
people much pleasure, and what better criterion is there
for a popular vocalist than the ability to provice the greatest
amount of pleasure for the greatest number of people?

In this, his first L.P., Bruce Scott has chosen tunes—
many of them from his TV appearances—that he
feels will provide the best listening for his fans.
Some are pop hits, some standards and some originals.
Some will rock you, but some will soothe you. A few
are so beautiful, they may make you cry. Included is
one of the loveliest ballads of recent years, Yesterday
by Paul McCartney of the Beatles, also the bossa
classic, Quiet Nights by Jobim, and the all-time
teenage standard, Venus, with a 1965 style orches-
tration, as well as several other wonderful tunes

For any Bruce Scott fan this album should be a treasure.
For anyone who likes to hear the sound of the 60's—in
all its varieties—sung well, this album is a must

* * * * * * *

"The first time I saw and heard Bruce Scott I immediately
became a big fan. I see a bright future for this young performer

"...he is more in tune and tempo than any of the
young singers so far that I've heard...

"Bruce Scott is undoubtedly the most promising young
talent of the decade. One of my favorites on the show...

"Oh, he's going to do his first album?...It's not enough
we have screaming mobs every time he's on the show. Now
we'll have to call out the Marines! He's that great, you know!

"...when gold is discovered news travels fast...young
America has discovered Bruce Scott.

"Bruce Scott's voice has the clear, angelic tone
of a modern-day castrato, but with balls!

"Bruce Scott is one of the most exciting 'new
faces' I have seen in years.


Johnny C said...

wow... someone else who has this album... It's been one of my favorites forever. Someone needs to find him... could that guy really be him? I'm intrigued...

Anonymous said...

I think they are different- the other Bruce Scott was born in Liverpool in 1941, which makes him about five years too old.

Anonymous said...

My Mom bought the album for me when I was a kid (around 1970). He reminded her of me, she said. But I listened and really loved the album. I still listen to it from time to time. I know he had a nice career on Broadway which included the original cast of The Lion In Winter and that he married Sandy Duncan. But I've no idea what happened to him.

Anonymous said...

Bruce Scott - who also played "Riff Raff"in the Rocky Horror Show (Roxy cast) now goes by the name "Zaxariades".

Kyle said...

I know Bruce today. I'm the bartender at the famous Gardenia Room in Hollywood, the longest-running Cabaret supper club in the United States. He's been performing the occasional show every few months for a little over a year now. He also recently came in as a guest performer at Charlo Crossley's show. She was one of Bette Midler's original Harlettes. He's a tremendous singer even today, with a great voice and energy. He is scheduled to perform a show next month on Saturday, April 20th. Gardenia has a Facebook page. You can check out his performance post there in the next couple days when it's up.

lucy bond said...

I have missed and been trying to find out what happened to Bruce Scott for years and have not found anything. I first heard his beautiful voice when I was a very young child in the 60's. My little friends and I would spend a Saturday morning listening to his album just loving the sound of his voice. Even being so young I could tell that this young man had such a powerful and beautiful voice and that he would be around for years like Sinatra,Dean Martin, Jack Jones,etc.He was THAT good. Where is Bruce Scott? Did he choose to not become the superstar which was where he was headed?This guy was so talented --- he was like the Beatles ---exploding onto stage with talent not to be denied. Does anybody know why he dropped out of entertaining millions of admirers? Is he alive?, where is he? It's time for Bruce to come back to the world for the millions who want to see his talent. Please Bruce come back to the world.