Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Artist: Supermax
LP: Fly With Me
Song: "African Blood"
[ listen ]

This morning I was starting to have a lovely and elaborate gay Busby Berkeley dream where at first all I could see was a ring of champagne glasses being filled with bubbly pink champagne, then the "camera" pulled back to reveal that the bottles were being poured by debonair gentlemen dancers in 1930s attire—but without any shirts on! ...and just then my alarm-clock radio flipped on and I woke up. I was pissed! Anyway, this third Supermax album, released in 1979, is one of the things I picked up during my trip to Austin, TX back in October. The group was the project of leader Kurt Hauenstein, "Fly With Me" was their international breakthrough LP, and Supermax was the first mixed-race group to tour in South Africa and Venda in the 1970s, which evidently caused quite a stir. You can read about Supermax on Wikipedia here, and find the group's year-by-year biography, discography, lots of photos and other neat things on their official website here. Unfortunately, the website doesn't explain what bass guitar player Kenneth Taylor is wearing on his head.


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