Friday, July 8, 2011

Street Organ / Drehorgel "De Arabier"

Artist: Street Organ / Drehorgel "De Arabier" [owner: G. Perlee]
LP: Daar Waar De Molens Staan / Where the Windmills Are
Song: "K.L.M. Mars"
[ listen ]

Here's a jaunty little number featuring "the colorful music of Holland's best known street organ, 'De Arabier.'" I especially like the organ's robust percussion section. The song is called "K.L.M. Mars," so I was hoping there might be other-worldly sci-fi sound effects thrown in, but I guess "Mars" probably means something different in Dutch. The English and Dutch-language liner notes and some neat old photos from "Daar Waar De Molens Staan / Where the Windmills Are / Wo Die Windmühlen Stehen" are included below. I'll be at the Bellingham Gay Pride Parade this weekend, and I'm really hoping to find some candy-striped activist groups gaily marsing to the cheery tunes of a horse-drawn barrel organ there.

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