Sunday, January 27, 2013


 Artist: KISS
LP: Love Gun
Song: "Then She Kissed Me"
[ listen ]

Back in the late '70s when my Grandma Bea saw that my older brother Matt had purchased a record by the band KISS, she gravely informed our entire family that the group's name stood for Knights In Satan's Service and that she couldn't believe we would allow that sort of evil into our home. I believed her, of course. But the other day I found KISS's 1977 "Love Gun" LP in my collection, and I began having doubts about the things Grandma Bea said. I mean, would Knights In the Service of Satan really do a cover of a hit song by the early '60s girl group The Crystals? It somehow just doesn't seem consistent with their mission. In any case, I first became aware of this terrific tune when Elizabeth Shue (who I strongly suspect may also be a Knight In Satan's Service) lip-synched to it in the opening credits of the popular 1987 film ADVENTURES IN BABYSITTING.

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