Saturday, November 30, 2013

Harvey Scales

 Artist: Harvey Scales
LP: Hot Foot: A Funque Dizco Opera
Song: "(Show Up) For the Showdown"
[ listen ]

With November coming to an end, the thermometer's mercury has started to drop and my heating costs are going sky high. I put Harvey Scales' "Hot Foot" LP on this morning in order to keep myself from freezing. I ended up ruining a perfectly good pair of shoes, but the flames did keep my small apartment at a cozy temperature for about 45 minutes. Known as Milwaukee's "Godfather of Soul" for his work with The Seven Sounds in the 1960s, Harvey Scales was co-writer of "Disco Lady," the very first platinum single in the history of the USA. Released in 1979, "Hot Foot: A Funque Dizco Opera" was Scales' second album on the Casablanca label, after "Confidential Affair" from the year before. Much to his fans' chagrin, his followup LP didn't appear until 1997. There's more information about Harvey Scales, his career, and his Seven Sounds on Wikipedia here.

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