Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Shelley Fabares

Artist: Shelley Fabares
LP: The Things We Did Last Summer
Song: "Johnny Loves Me"
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The records at Meridian Underground Music are tucked into the back corner of the place (CDs, DVDs and posters are also sold at the store along with a wide variety of incense, as you can see here...

...and they also sell guitars and drums and other musical stuff). The owners of the store are super friendly and gave me lots of free stickers and other things with the store's logo on them. Unfortunately, several of their heavy bins full of vinyl are stored overhead, and I couldn't think of any way to retrieve them without breaking either my spine or—even worse—most of the records in the bins! I went ahead and dug through some of the lower bins though, and I found this terrific 1962 summer-themed LP by Shelley Fabares. Popular at a young age (her first single, "Johnny Angel," went to #1 when she was just 18 years old), Shelley is also an actress, appearing in no less than three films with Elvis Presley (GIRL HAPPY, SPINOUT, and CLAMBAKE), which is more than any other actress can claim! "Johnny Loves Me," released the same year as "Johnny Angel," went to #21 on the charts. You can read more about Shelley Fabares on Wikipedia here and I've included notes and pictures from the front and back of the album below.

 [ Meridian Underground Music — Meridian, Mississippi ]

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