Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Turuttaret Trio

Artist: The Turuttaret Trio
LP: From Finland With Love: Folk Songs and Dance Music
Song: "Tammerkoski" 
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Song: "El Porompompero" 
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The Turuttaret Trio performed on Finnish television and in leading hotels and nightclubs (the ones with high ceilings that could accommodate Hannele's hair) throughout Finland before releasing this collection of native folk songs and dances in 1974. The Turuttarets even completed a tour of the USA! (Does anyone remember if they performed in Seattle? Maybe even in Ballard?) You can read a little more about The Turuttaret Trio on Wikipedia here—and no offense, Finland, but I definitely prefer your dance music to your folk songs.

 [ Amelita Tammela ]

[ Hannele Lehtonen ]
 [ Maire Tammenlaakso ]

 [ The Turuttaret Trio ]

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