Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Artist: Telex
LP: Looking For Saint Tropez
Song: "Pakmoväst" 
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The other record shop I visited in Olympia was Phantom City Records, which is stuck right next to a vintage clothing store; they share a space. There's no vinyl listening station there, so I knew I'd have to proceed with caution. But then I threw caution to the wind when I came across two albums by the Belgian techno-synth trio of pioneers known as Telex. This album, their very first, was released in 1979. Someone had written on the plastic sleeve in green marker: "Extreme Kraftwerk vibe - Why weren't they huge in the USA in the '80s?" All I can say to that is: Have you never been to Peoria, Illinois? Anyway, I went ahead and bought both LPs, sound unheard. Turns out they're pure electro-pop dynamite, so I'm glad I did!

 [ Telex ]

[ Phantom City Records — Olympia, WA ]

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