Thursday, February 26, 2015

Slim Goodbody

Artist: Slim Goodbody
LP: Inside-Out
Song: "Imagination" 
[ listen ]
Song: "The Body Symphony" 
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Martin and I popped into the Second Chance Thrift Store when we passed through Raymond, WA (it's where Nirvana played their first show!) on our way to the coast last Friday. They had some interesting LPs for sale, including this one from John Burstein, who goes by the name Slim Goodbody when he puts on his $4,000 flesh-colored unitard covered with guts. Discogs says the album was released in 1974 (with a different cover), but Wikipedia says Burstein first appeared as Mr. Goodbody in 1975, so I don't know what's going on. What I do know is that people were able to borrow this album from the Public Library in Clatskanie, OR between the summer of 1983 and the end of 1988 (what I don't know is the proper pronunciation of 'Clatskanie'), and I know that copies of this particular record sell for $15 online! What I admire most is that Slim Goodbody managed to release a children's record that includes repeated references to drugs, pills and liquor. That takes some serious balls, even if Slim chooses not to display them on his unitard.

[ Slim Goodbody ]

[ Martin at the Second Chance Thrift Store — Raymond, WA ]


bitter69uk said...

I'm concerned this album cover contravenes Google's new "adult content" regulations. I can see Slim Goodboy's reproductive organs!

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