Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Equals

Artist: The Equals
LP: Baby, Come Back
Song: "Laurel and Hardy" 
[ listen ]

I've got my good friend Ryan, as well as R&B singer/guitarist Barbara Lynn, to thank for leading me to this 1968 LP by The Equals. Ryan, who's way more connected to what's going on in our city than I am, invited me to join her and a few other friends to see Barbara Lynn perform at the Light In the Attic label's warehouse just a few blocks from my place. It was a sensational show—Ms. Lynn was fantastic! Not only that, but she's a real sweetheart. It was her very first time in Seattle!

The show was part of Light In the Attic's Second Annual Summer Spectacular, for which they'd arranged food trucks to surround the place and had vendors on hand for a record fair too, which is where I found The Equals. The group features Eddie Grant, aka. Eddy Grant, who's the same guy who rocked down to Electric Avenue about 15 years later, in 1983. "Laurel and Hardy," which peaked at #35 on the British singles charts, was the group's follow-up to "Baby, Come Back," a #1 hit in Britain that peaked at #32 in the USA. You can read more about The Equals here. Thanks again, Ryan, for inviting me to the show. I would have really missed out without you!

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Ryan said...

So glad you found a winner! Now public, don't you think it's time for our host to start sharing these posts on Twitter?? xo