Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Artist: Kajagoogoo
LP: 12" single
Song: "Hang On Now" 
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Oh, look. Here's an example now of the used-record store 'free-poster-inside' false-advertising swindle:

Still, the song is pretty damn good, and I'm digging the colorful Harold Lloyd cover adaptation, which is a lot more interesting than the gray-scale cover for the British 7" release, so I guess I still got my money's worth. There are lots of different Kajagoogoo posters to peruse online, but none of them claim to be the one that was initially offered with the purchase of this 12" single. I just hope the free poster I'm being denied isn't this one of Kajagoogoo lead singer Limahl. 

[ "Ooh to Be Ah" ]

The very definition of the one-hit-wonder in the USA, Kajagoogoo was a four-hit-wonder in the UK. Their debut LP, produced by Nick Rhodes and Duran Duran producer Colin Thurston, was a great success when released in 1983. But success was ultimately Kajagoogoo's ruin, with Limahl being forced out of the group by the other fellows at the end of '83 and the remaining guys pulling the plug on the band just a few years later. The good news is the original Kajagoogoo has reunited, making more music together since 2007! Read more about Kajagoogoo here, find out how their handful of hits fared on the various singles charts of the world by visiting their discography page here, and go here to read Limahl's thoughts on being an 'out' gay '80s pop icon. You can also visit the official Kajagoogoo website, where you'll hear, inexplicably, a short instrumental interpretation of "Jingle Bells."

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