Saturday, July 29, 2017

Larry Graham

Artist: Larry Graham
LP: Sooner Or Later
Song: "Hold Up Your Hand"
[ listen ]

As I was sorting through my records this week, I figured I would probably get rid of this 1982 Larry Graham LP. For one thing, it's pink. And tropical. Also, Larry looks like he wants to be Magnum PI, which I figured couldn't be a good thing. And even though he was with Sly and the Family Stone and fronted Graham Central Station, 1982 is at the cusp of when lots of formerly mind-blowing artists started releasing stuff that just wasn't quite as good as before. What a fool was I. Larry may look like a browner Tom Selleck here, admittedly, but he's still got it, in spades. "Hold Up Your Hand" is my song of the month. Maybe even two months. What a voice! Larry plays all instruments here and throws in a dynamite harmonica solo to boot. Turn it up. 

So taken am I with Larry's third solo LP, I've just sent off a check for $131.50 for a personally autographed photo of Larry, a beautiful full color poster, two satin tour jackets (one red, one black), a unisex t-shirt and a Larry Graham natural canvas tote bag with contrasting print. And Larry hardly charges anything for shipping!

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