Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Willa Dorsey

Artist: Willa Dorsey
LP: The World's Most Exciting Gospel Singer 
Song: "Jesus Put a Song In My Soul"
[ listen ]
Song: "Joy In My Soul"
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This week I'll be posting more of the religious records I picked up earlier this month, starting with this wonderful 1968 Willa Dorsey LP. Nobody's ever made me wish I'd be going to heaven when I die as much as Willa Dorsey has—but since I'm not likely to make it, I'm hoping she occasionally tours. A native of Atlanta, where she reportedly lived next door to Martin Luther King, Willa Dorsey lived in Portland, Oregon for the last 40 years of her life and was still playing piano and singing at the Lighthouse Mission Church in Northeast Portland as recently as 2006. You can read her obituary on the OregonLive website here, where several people have left moving comments with further details about the singer's life and music. Notes from the back of this LP and a video clip of Willa Dorsey performing with the Billy Graham Crusade are included below. You can get your very own copy of Dorsey's Grammy-nominated "The World's Most Exciting Gospel Singer" LP for $5 on eBay here.

Willa Dorsey on YouTube:

[ Willa Dorsey: July 2, 1933 — January 5, 2009 ]

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Hello! said...

Hi Alex! I was googling Willa and came upon your fantastic tribute to her. I was sad to read your doubts about joining her in heaven. Willa spent her life singing about her lord Jesus. Because without Him no one can come to the Father. But with him all are made right. The bible is filled with horrible people whose lives are transformed. From Moses & King David who are murderers to Lot who impregnated his daughters. No person is worthy of the grace, but all can have it. I'd urge you to read it for yourself and see the good news that Willa sang so beautifully of.