Friday, August 31, 2012

Damian Luca

Artist: Damian Luca
LP: Trésors Folkloriques Roumains
Song: "Repezita"
[ listen ]

Here's evidence that Zamfir isn't the only Romanian flautist in the world who knows his way around a pan flute. Instructed by his uncle, the great pan flautist Fănică Luca, Damian mastered the flute and hit the road, performing at the Olympia in Paris, at New York's Carnegie Hall...he was even on The Ed Sullivan Show! My copy of Damian's "Trésors Folkloriques Roumains" LP is autographed by the entire troupe from Lucas' 1978 Pacific Northwest Tour, which lasted from October-December and which I somehow missed. "Repezita," one of the album's exuberant dances (side II - 1), provides a terrific showcase for Lucas' pan flutin' skillsthis guy's a real Romaniac! You can read a bit about Damian Luca on the International Swiss Panflute Seminar website here, and LP liner notes in English and French are included below.

 [ Fănică Luca: April 5, 1894 October 28, 1968 ]

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