Thursday, August 30, 2012

Di Marie

Artist: Di Marie
LP: ¡¡Preciosa!!
Song: "El Libro de Mi Vida"
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Lately I've been feeling like el libro de mi vida could really use more interesting chapter headings, ya know? Not to be confused with the functional and fashionable LA-based ladies' denim line (with a huge photo of downtown Chicago on their website), this Di Marie was born in Puerto Rico, was originally named María Dolores Pérez, and she released this terrific LP on Columbia Records in early 1963. Aside from the LP liner notes included below, there's not much information available about this lovely singer whose voice simply throbs with Latin emotion. What we do know is this: the release of ¡¡Preciosa!! earned her a notice for International Special Merit in the January 19, 1963 issue of Billboard magazine!

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bitter69uk said...

¡¡Preciosa!! indeed. What an incredible voice and dramatic song -- like something from a Pedro Almodovar soundtrack. Funny who no one calls female singers "thrushes" anymore.