Saturday, December 21, 2013

Gene Martin and The Stalworth Gospel Singers

Artist: Gene Martin and The Stalworth Gospel Singers
LP: Peace In the Valley
Song: "Running For Jesus"
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The other record store I visited in Las Vegas was Zia Records, also located on Sahara Avenue. There were some other stores I wanted to check out, including second locations for both Zia Records and Record City, but there wasn't really much more room in my luggage after I got through these two, and I figured it was probably a good idea to spend SOME time with my friend Edwardo, since his birthday was the reason I was in Las Vegas in the first place. Zia's style can be found somewhere between Tower Records and the old Warehouse or Sam Goody music stores usually found in strip malls. They have lots of CDs and DVDs, but they've also got a nice selection of low-priced used vinyl in the back of the store next to the t-shirts, where you can evidently find some really neat stuff if you've got time to flip through all the bins. I was able to flip through most of them, and turned up this terrific Gene Martin gospel record for just $4.99. Martin's biographical notes, a personal message, and some other things from the back of the record are included below. As an added bonus, the LP is pressed on luminous red vinyl! (The blood of Christ?) It seems Gene is still going strong today, and I'm sure the Gene Martin 50 Year Celebration in Atlanta three years ago was lots of fun to attend. I've included links below for two of Gene's performances/sermons, and you can watch even more of them here. I'm pretty sure the "David" on the organ in the clip for "The Singing Slave" is David Davis, who provides Hammond organ accompaniment on the "Peace In the Valley" LP. Gene sends his songs from his heart to mine (via Las Vegas) so now I'm passing them from my heart to you!

Gene Martin on YouTube:
[ "God Specializes" ]

Gene Martin on YouTube:
[ "The Singing Slave" ]

[ Zia Records on Sahara Ave. - Las Vegas, Nevada ]

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