Monday, November 24, 2014

Joan Rivers [1933-2014]

Artist: Joan Rivers
LP: Presents Mr. Phyllis & Other Funny Stories
Song: "Gift Coming" 
[ listen ]

While rummaging around to find my Mike Nichols/Elaine May LP this weekend, I discovered that I actually did still have this 1965 Joan Rivers comedy album. (I remember now that it was a lackluster Erma Bombeck record I got rid of several years ago, not my Joan Rivers LP. How could I have gotten these two women mixed up?) Though I've never really followed her career, I enjoyed getting to know Joan through the film Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work, in theaters a few years back. Also, I recall being delighted to see her pop onto the screen in the bizarre 1968 film THE SWIMMER, starring Burt Lancaster as a man who decides to swim his way home through his neighborhood's backyard swimming pools. I just learned today that Ms. Rivers starred in a short-running Broadway play in the late 1950s called "Driftwood," in which she played a lesbian with a crush on Barbra Stereisand! I realize I'm a few months late with this tribute, since Joan died in early September from complications during throat surgery, but better late than never! (My tribute, I mean, not Rivers' demise.) You can read more about Joan Rivers' life and career here, go here to find her obituary in the New York Times and there's a piece here about the dreadful errors the clinic made during Joan's surgery that likely caused her death.

Joan Rivers
[ June 8, 1933 — September 4, 2014 ]
We will miss you, Joan.

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