Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sister Power

Artist: Sister Power
LP: Sister Power
Song: "Gimme Back My Love Affair" 
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Song: "Love Potion" 
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You're probably as disappointed as I am to discover that the ladies of Sister Power aren't actually related at all. Nope, they're just a trio of gals that famed producer and arranger Paul Sabu (spawn of Sabu—yes, that Sabu—and Broadway actress Marilyn Cooper) randomly threw together to showcase the vocal power of lead singer Gwen Jonáe. Considered a one-hit-wonder ("Gimme Back My Love Affair" was reportedly a disco hit), Sister Power only ever released this lone LP. Born in 1957 or 1960, Paul Sabu was only 19 or 22 years old when he assembled Sister Power, after which he went on to work with the likes of David Bowie, Alice Cooper, and Elvira while also appearing with his metal band, Only Child, and having remarkably lovely hair. There's more to read about Paul Sabu here and here, and you can find his website here.

[ Sister Power lead vocals: Gwen Jonáe ]

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