Thursday, December 18, 2014

Dueto Estrella

Artist: Dueto Estrella
LP: A-Go-Go En El Norte
Song: "Estas Llorando" 
[ listen ]

Not "A-Go-Go" exactly, the music on this various-artists LP from Mexico is filled with what we might instead call "Rancher-Ro-Ro." There's not much info about Dueto Estrella on the web, but we know these fellows' first names are Abel and Bernardo and that they recorded on the Eco label, a subsidiary of Falcon Records, which was founded by Arnaldo Ramírez in McAllen, Texas in 1948, according to what I just read here. "A-Go-Go En El Norte" was released in 1967 and features 40 minutes of the most popular music from the Eco label. I found my copy for $2.50 at Easy Street Records and Cafe last Saturday after a delicious breakfast.

[ Dueto Estrella: Abel y Bernardo ]

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