Friday, December 19, 2014

Nat King Cole

Artist: Nat King Cole
LP: The Magic of Christmas With Children
Song: "The Happiest Christmas Tree" 
[ listen ]

There are several voices I've simply got to hear crooning at Christmas time in order for the holidays to seem complete. They give me that special holiday tingle. Doris Day's is one (of course); Johnny Mathis' is another. A third voice that fills my head with visions of dancing sugarplums is the one belonging to Nat King Cole. At Goodwill a few days ago I found this terrific 1970 compilation of holiday tunes by the velvety-voiced Mr. Cole. It's evidently a limited edition release assembled especially for the Safeway supermarket stores. Of course I'd rather have found the original 1959 "Happiest Christmas Tree" single, but for .60¢ it's hardly fair to complain. I'd never heard this particular carol before; it's awfully catchy and has been stuck in my head ever since I got home from Goodwill and gave it a listen. You can read all about Nat King Cole here.

[ Nat King Cole: March 17, 1919 — February 15, 1965 ]

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