Sunday, October 11, 2015

B.J. Thomas

Artist: B.J. Thomas
LP: Most of All
Song: "Circle 'Round the Sun" 
[ listen ]
Song: "Rainy Night In Georgia" 
[ listen ]

While weeding through my LP collection today to try to make more room, I was pretty sure this 1970 B.J. Thomas record I came across was one I'd be throwing into the discard pile. Sure, B.J. Thomas is super good-looking; you could even call him a heartthrob. But I've just been burned too many times by sexy men in fringe jackets and sunglasses—all razzle-dazzle and fizz with nothing on the inside. At my age it's hard not to judge. But I'm glad I threw it on the turntable to give it a listen first. It's gorgeous, like B.J.'s jawline. I'm even considering adding suede fringe to my wardrobe. It's that good!

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