Thursday, October 22, 2015

Hiroshi Wada & Mahina Stars

Artist: Hiroshi Wada & Mahina Stars
LP: Enchanted Chorus - 3rd Collection [10" EP]
Song: "Kojonotsuki" 
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Everything's different now! After more than 43 minutes of diligently searching the web for English-language details or information regarding artist, song titles, etc for this 1958 Japanese 10-inch EP and some other one from Korea, I finally threw up my hands in frustration—and by that I mean I actually vomited and my hands came flying out of my mouth. Then I remembered someone at work mentioning some science-fiction mumbo-jumbo about how you could point your cell phone at a foreign language and your phone would automatically translate the text and tell you what the words meant in plain, bold-faced English. So I downloaded some app, pointed my phone at my Japanese record, and voilá—song titles! 

By simply highlighting the photographed text with my finger, I was able to translate all the lyrics to the song "Kojonotsuki," track three on side two. 

Of course the lyrics don't entirely make sense, but we all know how super poetic and metaphorical Japanese people get when they start to sing. I'm sure my magical translation device is 100% accurate. Here are the entire "Kojonotsuki" song lyrics in English: 

Feast of spring lofty building of flower
Pointing over cup shade
It was Chiyo of Matsugae Wakei
Once upon a time of light now where

The color of the frost of fall camp
Show me the number of squeal go wild goose
The Resona stone shine in sword sell planting
Once upon a time of light now where
This formerly mysterious Japanese record with the gorgeous cover—I'd even call it stunning—is one that was formerly part of the David Lloyd Whited collection.
[ Hiroshi Wada & Mahina Stars ]

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