Sunday, January 17, 2016

Princess Ramona and Buddy Kemp

Artist: Princess Ramona and Buddy Kemp
LP: Talk About Jesus
Song: "His Name Is Jesus"
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Song: "I've Got It Bad, That's Good" 
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Song: "A Tribute to Mom and Dad"
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As you may have guessed, I've been cleaning out my LP bins again to make more room. I was about to tell Buddy and the Princess to hit the road since their "Gospel Liner" motor home was taking up three parking spots in the religious music section. But then when I heard them perform—especially Princess Ramona's whispering in "His Name Is Jesus" and the yodeling in "A Tribute to Mom and Dad"—I decided to let them stay. Music pays the rent around here. 

I was excited that I'd found an autographed copy of Buddy and The Princess' 1978 "Talk About Jesus" LP...until I realized that all copies of this one were equally autographed by the time they left the printer. There's some interesting information about Princess Ramona and Buddy Kemp—along with links, videos, and more music—on the Clean, Nice, Quiet blog here. And if you're wondering where in the world Trail, Oregon is, you can find out here

[ Buddy Kemp and Princess Ramona ]


Deborah Kemp said...

I'm Buddy Kemp's granddaughter, Deborah. Was just thinking about them and thought I'd check what's out there. ..glad they're not forgotten

Alex said...

Neat! Thanks for leaving a note! :)