Monday, February 8, 2016

Billy Larkin & the Delegates

Artist: Billy Larkin & the Delegates
LP: Hole In the Wall
Song: "Agent Double-O-Soul" 
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These past few days I took another little getaway to Oregon—this time to Cannon Beach, over on the coast. Honestly, record stores were the last thing on my mind, since my friend Trevor and I would be passing through nothing but small towns and countryside—and yet, like a month drawn to the flame, I somehow managed to sniff one out! I gasped when I caught sight of Classics & Oddities on the historic main street of downtown Longview as we made our way through town to find some big bridge that would reportedly lead us into Oregon. They had some neat stuff at the store, including this 1965 Billy Larkin & the Delegates LP. Not a lot of info on the web about Mr. Larkin, but it seems he may have made music in Portland in the early 1960s. There's also a bit to read here, and liner notes from Richard Oliver (this might be his son!) are included below.
[ Classics & Oddities — Longview, WA ]

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