Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Shinichi Mori

Artist: Shinichi Mori
LP: Woman of Sighs
Song: "Mother Love Life" 
[ listen ]

Here's the final track from prolific Japanese crooner Shinichi Mori's 1967 debut album. He really puts a lot of emotion into his vocal delivery. And don't you love it when there's talking in the middle of a song...especially when it's Japanese? You can read more about Shinichi Mori on Wikipedia here. Lyrics are included below in Japanese and English (Google translate English, anyhow) so you can sing along.

Mother Love Life

Fall distant night sky mother Hoshiko star
Fall is so tears if you look
I cried with that daughter of the same set
Although came is accustomed to heartless town of
Oh mother, mother, mother miss nostalgic

It will become the support of mind for us two people Sai
Get along with everyone, please pray the class date
Friendly dream of his hometown
Without Tokyo is really painful
While Unazuki that it is so good going
Red flower bloom two of life
Oh mother, mother, mother miss nostalgic

Change of heart is not even dead
Would such a woman and a man
Live without erasing also light of breast
Such as is referred to as a fast come
Oh mother, mother, mother miss nostalgic

[ Shinichi Mori ]


Darby said...

Oohhhhh this is good. "Such as is referred to as a fast come." Ain't that the truth.

Alex said...

I know! I thought the same thing. Sounds so much sexier than 'premature ejaculation' or 'a quickie.'