Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Hermanas Aguila

Artist: Hermanas Aguila
LP: Algo Diferente - Vol. II
Song: "De Colores"
[ listen ]
Song: "Algo Tonto" 
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Work has been pretty stressful lately. Today in the men's room there was a young man standing at the urinal who was using both his hands to send text messages on his phone while at the same time as he was urinating hands-free! This only added to my stress, somehow, and also made me wonder how many text messages I've received from men standing at urinals with their wieners out. Anyway, I'm finally back at home, and I'm relaxing to the grandmotherly Guadalajarian warblings of Hermanas Aguila, who do a lovely rendition of "Something Stupid." You can read about these beguiling Mexican ladies in English here and there's even more about them in español here

[ Marias Esperanza y Paz = Hermanas Aguila ]

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