Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Feeling of Love

Artist: The Feeling of Love
LP: Petite tu es un Hit
Song: "Jailbait, I Need Free Entrance"
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Song: "Dad = Eat / Mum = Die" 
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The Feeling of Love is noisy, but they're not one of those typical and derivative noisy bands, as you can probably tell from their group photo included below. Most noisy bands pose like this (or sometimes like this, or even like this) because they're just usually not very clever. They pose the way bands are supposed to pose—especially if you've got tattoos! But not The Feeling of Love, who also sometimes pose like this and occasionally even like this. Admittedly, they have at times posed like this and, as a special favor to a deer friend, they did once pose like this. So, ya know.

[ The Feeling of Love ]

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