Sunday, February 26, 2017

Brian Burd

Artist: Brian Burd
LP: 7" single
Song: "Quels Jours de Paix (Oh Happy Day)" 
[ listen ]

It's Oscar Sunday—Oh Happy Day! It's been a very fine day, indeed. After hitting the gym in Ballard this morning, I felt compelled to drive south to the Georgetown neighborhood to grab some breakfast at Square Knot Diner. I was reading my six-month old copy of "Film Comment" and noticed that the gal next to me at the counter was reading a copy of "The New Yorker." I commented that it was nice to see someone else reading a paper copy of a magazine. A conversation ensued, and we eventually ended up talking about the Academy Awards. We are both big Oscar nerds! In fact, she had even printed out several extra copies of the Official 2017 Vanity Fair Oscar Ballot, so she gave me one, which saved me from having to try to make a trip to Kinko's sometime before the show. Both she and I are pulling for MOONLIGHT and LA LA LAND, but she also extolled the virtues of TONY ERDMANN, which I have yet to see. I've got it on my list.

All the while I was thinking that Jennifer (that's her name) would be a really fun new movie buddy, but it was such a lovely conversation that I didn't want to risk turning it weird by suddenly asking (in sultry low purring voice), "I've had such fun. Do you mind if I get your number?" My friend Edwardo told me I should have mentioned how much I LOVE Bette Davis and waved my hands a lot, and then everything would have been fine. I wish I'd thought of that. 

In any case, it was a wonderful morning, and I've got an Oscar Ballot courtesy of Vanity Fair, via Jennifer at Square Knot, and I found this Brian Burd 45 at Georgetown Records right after my meal. (In sultry low purring voice) "Mr. Burd is one of the sexiest fellows I've seen on the front of a record in quite some time." I'm pretty sure the Black Sabbath backing Brian here is not the one I'm already familiar with.

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