Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Artist: Pilot
LP: Pilot
Song: "Over the Moon"
[ listen ]

This morning I woke up from a strange dream. I had been visiting a university here in Seattle, but had traveled out into the city and ended up on Capitol Hill. Trying to get back to the U to meet a deadline, I hopped into someone's old jalopy on the north end of Capitol Hill (near 10th Ave & Roanoke by where I used to work), believing it to be a time travel machine (the keys were in the back seat). Realizing after I'd gotten it started that it was just a normal jalopy and that, if I were to drive it to the university it would amount to stealing, I turned off the engine and went to the house where the thing had been parked in order to apologize. 

The folks who owned the jalopy turned out to be a super friendly and eccentric hippie couple around my age, in their mid-40s. They showed me all of their collections (I don't remember what they were), we talked about cars, and the female half of the couple explained that she had been organizing her collection and doing lots of packing that required being down on the ground, and that had been hard on her knees. She showed me her knees and, indeed, they were all squishy and weird, like Play-Doh. I told her she needed to take it easy. Finally I said I really did need to get back to campus, and they encouraged me to stop by later to hang out some more, even to bring a friend if I'd like! I woke up feeling over the moon about having made a new friend...even if it was only in my dreams. 

The three fellows in Pilot all went on to work with other musicians, such as 10cc, Kate Bush, and The Alan Parsons Project (Parsons was producer on this, Pilot's 1974 debut LP). It's just too bad the Pilot didn't go on to become a longer-running series. You can read about the band here and go here to pick up Pilot's 2014 reunion CD.

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