Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Ami Arvola

Artist: Ami Arvola
LP: Ami Arvola
Song: "Kun Silmiin Katsellaan (Here We Are Falling In Love Again)"
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I'm back! Before exploring Norway, my sister and I dropped by Helsinki, Finland for a few days to visit our friend Kenneth who has been living and working there for the past decade or so. He showed us around the lovely old city, took us to dinner where I ate my very first reindeer meat, and he directed me to several of the Helsinki record stores I'd put stars next to on my list; the first one was Green Grass Records

By the time I arrived there I only had about an hour to browse before they closed (well, by the time I re-arrived after running pell-mell down the street to the nearest ATM to get some Euros, since the store doesn't accept credit cards). I found some terrific gems at Green Grass, including this 1977 Ami Arvola LP. I was certain I'd gravitated toward one of the most popular Finnish heartthrobs of the 1970s (just look at what a natural he is when a camera gets pointed his way!) but it seems he only released this one LP and then was never heard from again. I did find this though, which includes some Ami info I can't understand. Anyway, this nice album-opener is a cover of a 1976 Neil Sedaka song that I'm also being introduced to for the very first time.

 [ Ami Arvola ]

[ Green Grass Records — Helsinki, Finland ]

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