Monday, May 29, 2017


Artist: Kirka
LP: Rautaa Ja Kettinkiä
Song: "Häikäisy Oot Vaan"
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As I mentioned before, I only had a few minutes to thumb through the vinyl stacks at A.H. Records before they closed for the day, so I didn't end up finding much. (They had a wall of boxes with 7" singles in them that looked beguiling, but they also looked incredibly difficult to get to. When I asked about taking a look at them, the proprietor asked if I could come back tomorrow. Alas, I could not.) 

In any case, I did find this neat 1973 LP by famous Finnish rock-n-roller Kirill "Kirka" Babitzin, who was 23 years old when this, his fifth LP, was released. You can read all about Kirka here. The track "Häikäisy Oot Vaan" sounded awfully familiar to me, and since I've realized that lots of Finnish pop from the 1970s is made up of international hits re-performed in the country's own language, I used Google (to) Translate. 

"Häikäisy" means "Dazzle." Interesting. Then when I added the "Oot" it became "Dripping." That didn't ring any bells, but it was then that I noticed the label on the record itself lists this particular track as "Häikäisy Oot Vaan," so I added the "Vaan," certain that this missing piece would complete the puzzle, thereby producing the title of a well-known, world-famous song:

Hmmm. Was that by The Rolling Stones? Anyway, turns out "Häikäisy Oot Vaan" is a cover of "Gudbuy T'Jane" by Slade. And it's a very fine rendition, indeed.

[ Kirka: September 22, 1950 — January 31, 2007 ] 

[ A.H. Records — Helsinki, Finland ]

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