Friday, June 12, 2009

John & Anne Ryder

Artist: John & Anne Ryder
LP: I Still Believe In Tomorrow
Song: "Don't Forget to Remember"
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War has been declared. Five hundred years after the historic
Wars of the Roses, they're at it again in the north of England.
Yorkshire and Lancashire, friendly foes for centuries
, are battling
once more. But this time, not for the Crown of England. Sights
are set on the world...and a Pop Crown.

Until now, Lancashire has had things all its own way. The
Red Roses, the Liverpool Brigade, have scored numerous
victories for the Lancastrians. But their successes have
rocked the White Roses, of Yorkshire, into action. And just
as Liverpool was HQ for the Lancastrians troops, Sheffield
has become base for the Yorkists

And Sheffield's musical army is already off to a good start.
Joe Cocker is just one who is collecting laurels on their behalf.
And John and Anne Ryder are on the warpath. Hot on the
heels of their hit I Still Believe In Tomorrow

This album, named after their big seller, shows that future
combats in the new Wars of the Roses will be tough ones.
And there is still plenty of fight in reserve, because the
Ryders have committed themselves to putting Sheffield,
their home town, on the Pop Map

Yorkshire expects it. Lancashire knows it. The world is
beginning to. The Ryders know the going might be hard.
But they are used to ups and downs. For them the turning
point came when they abandoned their solo careers and
married. They haven't looked back

And when tomorrow comes, they'll be riding higher than ever.
--Roger Woodcock

This update from a set of notes discovered tucked under the mattress of the unfortunately-named Roger Woodcock following his untimely death in late autumn of 1977: John & Anne Ryder had no sooner set out on the warpath when they were besieged by a band of ruthless Lancastrians who chopped off their heads and stuck them atop poles at the Sheffield city gates. This effectively wiped John & Anne's names off the Pop Map forever, while sending a formidable message to cheeky Yorkist musical upstarts throughout the land.

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