Saturday, December 10, 2011

Double Exposure

Artist: Double Exposure
LP: Locker Room
Song: "I Got the Hots (For Ya)"
[ listen ]

Anyway, getting back to Washington, DC—after setting up the conference booth at the hotel where I was staying, I headed over to my favorite 24-hour DC diner, simply called The Diner. After enjoying a delicious omelet and plenty of coffee I dropped by Red Onion Records & Books, which was the basement record store I'd been trying to locate the evening before. (I forgot they sold books too, so that part of their name threw me off.) I'd found lots of great stuff at Red Onion the last time I was in DC, and managed to leave with plenty of neat stuff this time too—including this 1979 locker-room-themed LP by the Philadelphia-based disco group Double Exposure. James, Joseph, Leonard, and Charles have evidently been singing (and showering) together since they were in junior high school, though in the 1960s their group was called United Image instead. According to the Double Exposure Wikipedia page here, these lads released the first-ever commercially available 12" single!

[ the inside of The Diner — Washington, DC ]

[ a delicious omelet w/ grits and English muffin at The Diner — Washington, DC ]

[ the outside of Red Onion Records & Books — Washington, DC ]

[ the inside of Red Onion Records & Books — Washington, DC ]

[ the inside of Double Exposure's sports uniforms — Washington, DC ]

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dj trish said...

hmm the 3rd guy on the right is either well indowed or um aroused!the Omelet looks good and the store looks interesting.Thanked for sharing!