Sunday, December 11, 2011


Artist: Snapshot
LP: Souvenir
Song: "Sorry Sir"
[ listen ]

The final record store I visited on my trip to Washington, DC last week was Som Records on 14th Street NW, a few blocks from all the others clustered together on 18th Street. Just like at Red Onion, I found lots of great stuff on my first visit to Som Records several years ago, and they had plenty of neat records for sale this time too. This 1983 dance-pop record by Snapshot, who're sorta like B-52s-meets-ABBA at the ESPRIT outlet store in Denmark, is just one of the interesting things I found. These gals evidently don't like playing with toy soldiers, and this particular copy of their "Souvenir" album once belonged to a Johnnie Akim-Willimas of Tåstrup, but that's all I was able to learn about this dynamic Danish duo from the LP sleeve, and I couldn't find much English-language info about them on the web either. If anyone can fill me in, it would be appreciated. I did, however, manage to dig up this wonderful Snapshot video from 1984:

Snapshot on YouTube:
[ "A la Carte" ]
[ the outside of Som Records — Washington, DC ]

[ the inside of Som Records — Washington, DC ]

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Mikus said...

Snapshot was a Danish duo consisting of Lotte Feder and Bodil Agerscou.
Snapshot got their musical breakthrough in the Danish Melodi Grand Prix 1983 ( Eurovision Song Contest) with the song Gi'r du et knus (Gives you a hug), who received a second place. Since then, the duo released five records, and had another 3 participations in Grand Prix in 1984, 1988 and 1989. It was close to victory twice, but only when Lotte teamed with Kenny Lübcke in 1992 she won with the song Alt det som ingen ser (Everything that nobody sees).
Among Snapshots most famous numbers, besides Gi'r du et knus (Gives you a hug) include A'la Carte, Hej Smukke (Hello Beautiful) and Made in Hong Kong


Souvenir (Medley Records, 1983)
A La Carte (Medley Records, 1984)
Made In Hong Kong (Medley Records, 1985)
Snapshot (Laser Musik, 1987)
Rigtige kvinder (real women) (CB Musik, 1988)
Gi'r du et knus (Greatest) (EMI/Medley Records, 1998)
The Collection (Disky, 2000)