Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Box Tops

Artist: The Box Tops
LP: Cry Like a Baby
Song: "Deep In Kentucky"
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Ever since I found this 1968 record by The Box Tops in Washington, DC a few months ago, I've been digging it — and digging it — and digging it. Originally known as The Devilles, The Box Tops, led by singer Alex Chilton, hit it big with "The Letter," which remained at the top of the Billboard singles charts for four consecutive weeks in 1967. The hits slowed to a trickle before the band called it quits in 1970—though they reformed in 1996 and continued performing and releasing music together until Chilton died of a heart-attack on St. Patrick's Day in 2010. You can read more about The Box Tops here and click here to visit the band's official website. Notes and pictures from the back of the "Cry Like a Baby" LP are included below.

The Box Tops on YouTube:

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