Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Artist: Paschalis
LP: Ta Opaiotepa Tpaioyaia Moy
Song: "The May Girl (Venus)"
[ listen ]

When my radio alarm clock came on this morning, I heard a report on NPR news stating that European officials had approved the latest round of rescue money for Greece's troubled economy. Reporter Jim Zarroli whined that the $170 billion bailout was just "one more step in Europe's long crawl back from the edge of financial oblivion." I sat straight up in bed and screamed to myself "No!" As everyone knows, Greek men are really sexy. (Paschalis, who resembles Austin Pendleton's Dr. Larrabee from WHAT'S UP DOC?, notwithstanding.) Look at this guy! And what about this one? Don't forget this one! Would you like these men to be flung over the edge into financial oblivion? I sure wouldn't. So today's post is dedicated to European leaders as a way of saying thank you for lending the Greeks a hand. Here's hoping everything turns out all right in the end—just like it did in WHAT'S UP, DOC? You can listen to the NPR report for yourself here, and go here to see another sexy Greek guy.

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