Friday, February 3, 2012

Erik Bye

Artist: Erik Bye
LP: Einar Skjæraasen
Song: "Sommertrall"
[ listen ]

Maybe you've never heard of singer-journalist-author-artist-film actor and TV personality Erik Bye, but in 2005 he was named the 3rd greatest Norwegian of the 20th century! I feel bad that I'd not heard of him before laying eyes, hands, money, and ears (in that order) on this 1966 record of his, dedicated to Norwegian poet Einar Skjæraasen—especially since I'm of Norwegian stock (and not Norwegian livestock, as some have suggested). Bye was actually born in Brooklyn, NY, but when he was six years old his family moved home to Norway, where they took over a bed and breakfast and where Erik joined the Norwegian Nazi resistance movement when he was in his teens. You can read more about the fascinating life and career of Erik Bye here and see some neat photos from the back of the LP that I've included below.

[ Erik Bye: March 1, 1926 — October 13, 2004 ]

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