Thursday, August 15, 2013

Haro Pourian

Artist: Haro Pourian
LP: Menank Hay
Song: "Armenouhi"
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My date this past weekend bowed out of our post-picnic movie plans while we were standing on a sidewalk a block-and-a-half away from a really good consignment record store. What was I supposed to do with my suddenly available two free hours? This LP from Armenian-Lebanese heartthrob Haro Pourian is one of the treasures I found that evening while I wasn't at the movies. The back of the album shows Haro performing to a well-dressed set of bored-looking spectators. One wonders what sort of entertainment this crowd could possibly be accustomed to, since they're clearly not wowed by the live performance of Haro Pourian—or "the Tom Jones of Lebanon," as he's known here in the USA (well, mainly just in my apartment). People have evidently paid $70.99 and even $173.25 for this record, but my copy was just $3. If you have information or funny stories about Haro Pourian, please speak up! There really isn't much about him on the web, at least not in English anyway.

[ Haro Pourian: The War on Boredom ]

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