Sunday, October 20, 2013

Charles Linton

Artist: Charles Linton
LP: Bientôt
Song: "A Tous Les Amoureux (I'll Never Fall In Love Again)"
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Song: "Delilah"
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There are certainly worse things to aspire to than wanting to be known as the Tom Jones or Engelbert Humperdinck of French-Speaking Canada. And when it comes to glorious early 1970s hairdos, Tom and E-Bert have nothing on Charles Linton. The "Bientôt" LP, probably from the late '60s, is filled with Linton's French- and English-language covers of some of Jones' and Humperdinck's most popular tunes. Nowadays this talented and handsome singer is known as Charles Prévost Linton, and you can find him performing the Canadian national anthem at the Bell Centre sports arena in Montréal. Go here to read more about that and to listen to a few more of his songs, including a French-language version of "Penny Lane" with his '60s group Les Sinners.

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