Saturday, October 26, 2013

Leo Sayer

Artist: Leo Sayer
LP: Just a Boy
Song: "Telepath"
[ listen ]

Remember a few weeks ago when I was trying to stay "on the wagon" and stop myself from buying new records until I'd gotten rid of some of the ones I had? It hasn't been easy staying on that wagon, and last night it got particularly cold in my apartment, so I chopped up the wagon and used it for firewood. Then today, after enjoying a delicious breakfast at Pete's Egg Nest with my friends Edwardo and Ted, I went to the local Goodwill to rummage through their vinyl. They had lots of goodies and weird stuff, and by the time I left I had such a big pile of records I could hardly carry them all to my car. (Goodwill takes .05¢ off your purchase if you don't use a bag.) This 1974 record from British singer Leo Sayer is one of the things I nearly put back in the bin to lighten my load (and lower my bill). I'm glad I kept it though. I only knew Leo Sayer from his mid-to-late '70s hits like "You Make Me Feel Like Dancin'" and "More Than I Can Say," and I like those just fine, but I was curious to hear what sort of music Mr. Sayer was making in 1974. Turns out it was GOOD music! "Just a Boy" was Leo's second LP, and it went to #16 on the US album charts on the strength of his "Long Tall Glasses" single, which was a top-ten hit. You can read all about Leo Sayer's life and career on Wikipedia here or visit his official website.

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dj trish said...

Hi Alex
I loved the line about chopping up the wagon and using it for firewood.
I've been on the wagon too but the wheel broke so I did a purchase online.
Looking forward to reading what else you bought soon!