Friday, October 25, 2013

Elena Madera

Artist: Elena Madera
LP: Elena Madera
Song: "El Pollo Se Me Escapo"
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Song: "Tu Seras"
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Song: "Canto Karabali"
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It hasn't even been one week since I posted Elena Madera's self-titled LP here on the blog...and now here's another one! When I located a copy of this other record by Ms. Madera online, I couldn't get my wallet out fast enough to place my order. The record was in California, but for some reason the merchant's bank was in France. When I tried to buy it, fraud protection shut down two of my credit cards before PayPal finally came to the rescue. My order was placed, the money was paid, and "¡Que Buena Está... Elena!! The Torrid Voice of Elena Madera" arrived at my workplace this afternoon! I was hoping the record's liner notes would shed new light on this amazingly talented woman whose life and career remain shrouded in darkness and mystery. They don't. Still, there's a nice photo of Elena on the back of the record—pictured with Lou Perez, who leads the orchestra here. Unfortunately, Lou won't be able to give us the lowdown on Elena, since he died when he was hit by a car in Manhattan eight years ago. In any case, I couldn't help but post a trio of songs from this fantastic, cotton-candy-colored album in order to demonstrate the many facets of Elena's intriguing personality. The non-revealing LP liner notes are included below, in both English and Spanish. If you want your own copy of this record, you can get it on sale here

[ Elena Madera w/ Lou Perez ]

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