Thursday, July 31, 2014


Artist: Clout
LP: Clout
Song: "Without Love"
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Formed in South Africa in 1977 as an all-girl quintet, Clout took on a couple of fellas before their self-titled LP was released on the Epic label in 1979. (Have you ever seen a group where every single member looks so entirely and completely "1979"?) Clout seems to have been heavily influenced by ABBA (and why not?), though their lyrics don't seem to be quite as catchy. The group's 1977 "Substitute" single went to the top of the charts in ten countries and reached #2 in the UK, but it only climbed to #67 on the Billboard Hot 100 here in the USA. We're a tough nut to crack. Sadly, Clout called it quits just a few years later, in 1981. You can read all about Clout on Wikipedia here and go here to read still more and to watch a performance of "Substitute" that includes original Clout-er Glenda Hyam on keyboards.

  [ Ingi Herbst — drums/vocals ]
[ Sandie Robbie — guitar/vocals ]

[ Lee Tomlinson — bass/vocals ]

[ Bones Brettell — keyboards/vocals ]

[ Jenni Garson — guitar/vocals ]

[ Cindi Alter — lead vocals/guitar ]

[ Clout ]

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