Friday, July 18, 2014

The Meditation Singers

Artist: The Meditation Singers
LP: Don't You Want To Go?
Song: "Don't You Want To Go?"
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Song: "Shelter Me"
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One of the oldest settlements in the South, Mobile is one of the places I was most excited to visit on my trip. Located on the Gulf Coast of Alabama, the city was founded as the capitol of the French colony of Louisiana in 1702, but was moved a ways downriver (due to regular flooding) to its present location in 1711. (The capitol of Louisiana was relocated to Biloxi in 1720.) I was only in Mobile for a single afternoon and evening, which wasn't nearly enough time. I would love to go back to check out some of its museums, its gay bars, and to take in a movie at The Crescent, Mobile's antique independent movie theater. 

One place I did manage to visit, as you've probably guessed, is the record store—Mobile Records. I only had about an hour or so before they closed, but I still found an armload of neat old LPs, including this 1966 release by The Meditation Singers. Formed in Detroit in 1947, the group initially included Della Reese, who left in 1953 to pursue a solo career, though her sister, Marie Waters, stayed with the group. Reese was replaced by Laura Lee, though she had left the group too to pursue a solo career by the time this "Don't You Want to Go?" LP was released. The front of the album features the 1966 lineup of members, all except co-lead singer Donna Hammons, who evidently had better things to do that day than to stand around posing for pictures. Anyway, I've included an older photo of The Meditation Singers below that does include Donna. She looks like such a nice woman. You can read more about The Meditation Singers on AllMusic here and go here to read all about Mobile, Alabama.

The Meditation Singers on YouTube:

[ The Meditation Singers ]
[ back: Verlene Rodgers, Earnestine Rundless, Marie Waters ]
[ front: Laura Lee, Donna Hammons ]

[ Mobile Records — Mobile, Alabama ]

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