Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Hank Williams

Artist: Hank Williams
LP: Hank Williams Sings Kaw-Liga and Other Humorous Songs
Song: "Nobody's Lonesome For Me"
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Since I'd visited Hank Williams' grave the previous day and had also stayed in the haunted Birmingham hotel where Hank reportedly spent his last night on earth (actually, Wikipedia says Hank spent his last night at the Andrew Johnson Hotel in Knoxville, so maybe I stayed at the hotel where he spent his next-to-last night. I wonder: Can a ghost choose to haunt anyplace they want, even if it isn't where they died?) Anyway, because of all that, it seemed fortuitous that I found one of Hank's LPs at Dr. Music Records in Fairhope, Alabama, a small and super-cute town across the bay from Mobile.  "Nobody's Lonesome For Me" was initially the B-side of "Moanin' the Blues," one of three #1 singles Hank released in 1950. "Kaw-Linga," this LP's signature tune, was released in 1953—the first of Hank's two #1 singles that were released posthumously. I would have posted that one too, but the lyrics aren't really appropriate for anyplace outside of FedEx Field in Washington, DC. Extensive notes from the back of the "Kaw-Linga and Other Humorous Songs" LP are included below, and you can read all about Hank Williams (the first one) on Wikipedia here and find his discography here.

[ Hank Williams: September 17, 1923 — January 1, 1953 ]

[ Dr. Music Records — Fairhope, Alabama ]

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