Sunday, May 3, 2015

Harry Simeone Chorale

Artist: Harry Simeone Chorale
LP: It's Alaska
Song: "We're On Our Way/Come See a Land"
[ listen ]
Song: "It's Alaska"
[ listen ]

Well I've packed my fishing pole, my canoe and my harpoons; I've put the cat out and left a note for the milk man because today I'm going to Alaska! I need to find a land where my children can grow. I'll be getting to Alaska via something called the Ruby Princess, which I'm worried may be a little like being trapped in the Southcenter Mall with 3,000 other shoppers for an entire week. I've posted this record before, but now it has entirely new meaning. Bon voyage!

[ The other Ruby Princess. ]


Anonymous said...

Hi Alex, please check the mail account belonging to this blog.

Regards - Frank in Leiden (NL)

Alex said...

Haha...surprise! Um, thanks for the heads up. :)