Monday, April 27, 2015

Mari Wilson

Artist: Mari Wilson
LP: Showpeople
Song: "Just What I Always Wanted" 
[ listen ]
Song: "Wonderful To Be With" 
[ listen ]

I was hoping to post something cheery and springlike this afternoon to celebrate such a warm and sunny day in Seattle (it was glorious!)little did I realize it would nearly be tomorrow by the time I finished editing the gazillions of photos included on this wonderful (and cheery and springlike) 1983 Mari Wilson LP. I remember reading about Mari Wilson and seeing her hair in one of my issues of Star Hits magazine, but her songs never got much airplay in the USA—not in Yakima, Washington, anyway. The songs from "Showpeople," Mari's only album released in the 1980s, hold up remarkably well today. (un?)Fortunately, Mari isn't one of those obscure '80s artists who have been suddenly resurrected by contemporary youth, who then ruin their music by playing it to death, pretending they've been into it all along. That said, doesn't "Just What I Always Wanted" totally seem ripe for overuse as fodder for car commercials? You can read about Mari Wilson on Wikipedia here and go here to find her 2015 UK tour dates and to see what other things she's been up to lately.

[ Mari Wilson in 2014—still glamorous without the hive. ]

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