Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Crazy World of Arthur Brown

Artist: The Crazy World of Arthur Brown
LP: 7" single
Song: "Nightmare" 
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Happy Record Store Day! I normally don't visit record stores on Record Store Day, since it's usually too crowded and annoying, but I went today in the afternoon, half hoping I could still find a copy of "Love Buzz" by Shocking Blue. I was too late for that, but at Georgetown Records I found this copy of "Nightmare" by The Crazy World of Arthur Brown and a few other neat things. I stopped by Sonic Boom in Ballard on my way home, and it was packed to the gills. Do people not realize that record stores are open on the other days of the year? Anyway, I was there long enough to pick up a reissue of a 2008 Richard Swift EP, but had to cut my browsing short after inadvertently stumbling into the body odor radiation sphere of a couple of bearded hipsters. I know body odor's cool and everything, but this was literally stifling. Speaking of body odor, Arthur Brown once stripped naked and set his hair on fire while performing onstage in Italy, after which he was promptly arrested and deported.

[ The Crazy World of Arthur Brown ]

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