Tuesday, September 8, 2015

McKendree Spring

Artist: McKendree Spring
LP: McKendree Spring
Song: "Morning Glory" 
[ listen ]
Song: "If the Sun Should Rise" 
[ listen ]

I just got back from the Williams Family Campout! We gathered at the lush and lovely Coho Campground (Loop B) by Wynoochee Lake in the Olympic National Forest. We had lots of good wholesome family fun. It rained about half the time, but we're the ones who decided to camp in a rain forest, so what did we expect?

Four days with no shower (not even a sponge bath) wasn't enough to keep me from making a public appearance in Olympia when I re-entered society on my way home, whereupon I raided Rainy Day Records and picked up all sorts of cool stuff. I wasn't there for just one hour and I wasn't there for two. Not even three. Not four. Anyway, this 1969 debut LP by McKendree Spring was one of the things I found; according to the price tag it had been languishing in their bins since March of 2013. All the tracks are keepers, but I was especially eager to hear their cover of Tim Buckley's "Morning Glory," which was immediately a teenage-new-waver-Alex favorite when I first heard it on This Mortal Coil's "Filigree & Shadow" LP back in 1986. You can read a bit about McKendree Spring here, and go here to visit their website, where you can get a copy of "Recording No. 9," their first new studio recording in over 30 years!

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